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Marley's Christmas Carol


2016: The Street Theatre, Canberra and Bega Fun House

2015: The Street Theatre, Canberra and Depot Theatre Sydney

Scrooge? I have to redeem old Scrooge? The one man I knew who was worse than I was? Impossible.

So begins the real story behind Dickens' A Christmas Carol - the story of Jacob Marley's heroic behind-the-scenes efforts to save old Scrooge's soul and in the process, save his own. Aided by a malicious little hell-sprite with an agenda of his own, their hilarious journey takes them from the Jaws of Death to the Mouth of Hell - and beyond! One actor, over a dozen characters and a couple of suitcases full of who knows what; combine to take you through this darkly delicious and spirited Christmas fable!

Bringing more magic to the 2016 season, Craig is joined onstage by cellist, Jordan Best. Best brings haunting melodies that float and play alongside Craig's performance, underscoring the narrative beautifully.

"...a performance that will have audiences captivated by an outstanding
storyteller actor..."

Peter Wilkins | Canberra Critics Circle

"...holds the audience in the palm of his hands...a must see."

It's time to hear the other side of that story...

Jacob Marley's Christmas Carol by Tom Mula
directed by Shelly Higgs starring Craig Alexander

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