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And Then There Were 3


Produced in Conjunction with The Street Theatre in December 2013

"Higgs and Alexander have been brutally honest about the issues they faced in the early days of parenthood, which involves swearing, tears and the rude physicality of parenthood. The humour is bawdy, sometimes almost a manic hysteria, and the emotions underlying it are raw..." Stage Whispers 

Guy and girl are in the beginning stages of a gorgeous new relationship. Things are great. They're in love. But suddenly girl looks down and notices a 9mths pregnant belly and feels the urge to push - and scream!


So begins the story of And Then There Were 3. Developed through the Hive Program at the Street theatre with Dramaturg Peter Matheson, what started out as a comedy revue on parenting has progressed into a hilarious yet poignant story of an unsuspecting couple struggling to come to terms with what it means to be a Mum and a Dad.


With abstract set, lounge singing baby puppet and scenes which will have you either laughing or crying with compassion - And Then There were Three is sure to resonate with any parent whose first child didn't come with an instruction manual. 

"The strength of this production is in the design and direction.. it's a pleasant 90 minutes of fun with universal truths most people will relate to..." Canberra Critics Circle

"An astutely observant, colloquial and convincing script...Alexander and Higgs have written an intelligent and entertaining work..." Sydney Morning Herald

Two Hearts - Josh Jones
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